As widely known, Angular JS is saving our lives with its practical and yet powerful functionalities. And, test driven development with Angular JS is a dream already came true. Angular JS with its sophisticated dependency injection, module structure and plain old Javascript object models is so easy to code, maintain and test.

###Let’s Get Started

Yeoman is a workflow scaffolder to create webapps with well known best practices. Yeoman works with generators published out there via npm.

Yeoman makes easy creating an angular app ready to testing by scaffolding via generators. To install Yeoman run the command below (after installing node and npm)

$ npm install -g yeoman

###Scaffold Angular JS App

First let’s install Angular generator.

$ npm install -g generator-angular

Then create a project directory in your workspace

$ mkdir angular-karma

Inside the created directory scaffold your app

$ yo angular

Following the instructions you can choose additional libraries such as Bootstrap, angular-route or angular-sanitize modules and sass. This command generates the required source files, creates a grunt file with tasks; installs required node modules, runs tasks, installs bower components and makes app ready.

###Tests There is a test file for the Main controller under test/spec directory. This test ensures a model in the controller, awesomeThings has 3 objects.

To run tests with Jasmine install it via npm install karma-jasmine --save-dev.

To run written tests under test directory, run grunt test command. This command runs tests in your app through karma with Jasmine. You probably will need to launch a browser and visit karma server most likely running on localhost:8080 manually. This process can also be automated by installing a karma browser launcher. It’s best to install Phantom Js launcher since Phantom is headless webkit intended for tests. To install a launcher you can run one of these commands:

$ npm install karma-phantomjs-launcher --save-dev
$ npm install karma-firefox-launcher --save-dev
$ npm install karma-chrome-launcher --save-dev

You can set which browser to be launched on karma.conf.js within this line: browsers: ['PhantomJS'].

###Further Yeoman Angular generator promises much more than these. There are plenty of sub-generators available within this generator.

For example, running yo angular:route user generates a controller on /app/controllers/user.js with name UserCtrl, a view under /app/views/user.html and a unit test on /test/spec/controllers/main.js. Also adds route configurations to /app/scripts/app.js.

You can visit project page for documentation.

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